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Best Practice – 1
Enhancing ICT skills (A) Context- 21st century is the digital age. Age old practice of paper and pen is being replaced with the key pad monitor. Today’s youth cannot survive in this digital era without possessing the ICT skills. Computer literacy ICT skills have assumed great importance. It is therefore important to equip the students with necessary ICT skills. (B) Objectives a) To enhance the communication skills through Digital language lab b) To develop the ICT skills of the students necessary for various online work. c) To train them for appropriate behaviour in the cyber space. (C) Practice: considering the diverse background of the students and their problems, an attempt is made to identify the students who are in need of learning computer and certificate course of basic computers is conducted for them, making them familiar with computers. They are taught tally software and various other trainings are also given which are useful for them in their personal and professional life. (D) Obstacles a) Students from vernacular medium find it difficult in understanding the terminology/jargons b) Lack of basic technical knowledge affects confidence levels (E) Impact a) The students are familiar with the use of computer b) Improvement in the communication skills. c) Develops confidence self-esteem. (F) Resources a) Computers b) Software c) Internet d) Resource person

Activities conducted in year 2019-20

NIIT course for students
Lecture on digital marketing- Guest lecture by Pallavi Sharma on topic ‘Digital Marketing’ on 11th December 2019 from Squad Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Language lab
assisted for MIS

Best Practice – 2
Constitution Awareness (A) Context Constitution is the corner stone in the history of India. It is the unifying force which has united the people and the nation as a whole. The system of governance administration embedded in the constitution has been successfully running for last more than seven decades. The significance of constitution is its policy of inclusiveness recognising in different faiths culture and Liberty. The constitutional values are of prime importance and needs to respected and followed in the interest of citizens as well as the nation. (B) Objectives a) To create awareness about Indian constitution b) To propagate the constitutional values viz. democracy, social, moral, economic. c) To create awareness about fundamental duties and make responsible citizens. (C) Practice a) To celebrate national festivals. Republic day, Independence Day, Constitution Day b) To create constitutional awareness by organising rallies, Street play, essay poetry competition. c) To organise lecture, workshop seminars. d) To propagate constitutional values by printing and publishing literature on the subject. (D) Obstacles a) There is lack of motivation amongst the youths b) There is no separate funding (E) Impact a) Students participating in the various programmes are sensitized about the importance of constitution b) It changes the outlook of the students c) It fosters the sense of belongingness to the nation and develops feeling of gratitude (F) Resource a) Resource person, b) Finance, c) Volunteers.

Activities conducted in year 2019-20

Celebration of Constitution Day at College on 26th Nov.2019.
Preamble reading on the occasion of the constitution day