Principal’s Message


we need education to lead a meaningful and comfortable life. Focusing on higher education plays a vital role for the development of a society. Today in India, higher education is in transition period. our institution always provides opportunities for the aspiring students. Our teaching and non teaching staff organize various events to elicit positive response from the talented students.

To become a premier Institution in providing higher education in the general and commerce education in particular, to deprived students in the city of Mumbai.

Dr. Jeyashree G. Iyer | Principal



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Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Message

Coming as I do from lowest order of the Hindu Society, I know what is the value of education. The problem of raising the lower order is deemed to be economic. This is a great mistake. The problem of raising the lower order in India is not to feed them, to cloth them and to make them serve the higher classes as the ancient ideal of this country. The problem of the lower order is to remove from them that inferiority complex which has stunted their lives for themselves and for the country of which they have been cruelly robbed by the existing social order. Nothing can achieve this purpose except the spread of higher education. This is in my opinion the panacea of our social troubles.


We are proud that our students get a chance to do the internships in renowned organizations.
The skills and experiences help them in getting good opportunities in their careers.

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